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Hey mom's! I'm new to this but anyway, My daughter is turning 6 Friday abd I have no idea what to do. I know, I'm super late. The theme is pretty pretty princess Angel. We've celebrated every year now I'm just going to do big parties for her even years because they're expensive lol. We've done the bounce houses, trains, and such. We pretty much sponsor Joker ent. I want to do something nice since her next one won't be until 8. I need help BAD.

P.S. I hate Jeepers and Chuck E. Cheese


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In my opinion it is really too late for a party. You only have 5 days, that's not even enough time to have invites printed and sent out, and I can imagine you will be able to book a venue and find entertainment and catering that quickly.

If you've done parties every year up until now, why not just take her on a fun trip this year? For my son, we do a small trip--a weekend at a southern beach, weekend cruise, or weekend at an indoor water resorts (He's a winter baby)--for "small" birthdays, then we do a big party only for milestone years (5,7,10,13,15,16,18). An added bonus to taking a trip is that we don't get bombarded with tons of presents every year either. I've tried the "No gifts, Please" and "in lieu of gifts, please..." invites, but everyone still brings a present. Also, I get to enjoy the day with him. When we do a party, I spend the whole day running around coordinating vendors and caterers and all that crap, but if we just go away for a weekend, I can focus all of my time and energy on my little guy.

Also, by skipping the odd years, you'll miss the "lucky number 7" year, and the first year of being a real teen....

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Do you know that all those big expensive parties are not what she is going to remember? Its who was there and that she had a great time. Do a party at home and do the same theme. Make the cake, find some inexpensive decorations, invite her best friends, family, and those close to you. Take a lot of pictures.

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