6year old telling lies. How do i deal with it?

Nareeman - posted on 07/08/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My children's day mother told me that my 6 yr old is telling lies. She looks after 5 kids (10yr old boy, 7 yr old girl(brother & sister, related to the day mother), my 2 girls, 6yr old & 1 yr 10mnths & 10mnth old baby girl). She says that sometimes when she asks my daughter about things she dnt answer & just start to cry. Yesterday, she said my daughter put her scarves over the burning heater & when it burned she (my daughter) quickly ran to put it in my baby's pram. when i spoke to my daughter & asked her about it, she said that the other girl said she should do it to warm the scarves for them to put on. Most nights when i get home, i always get complaints about my daughter being stubborn & giving attitude. i gave her permission in front of my daughter to give her punishment or take away something from her as punishment. I wanted to give my daughter a hiding in front of her but didnt do so. Rather took her home and spoke to her about what she did. Just getting fed up with it always being my daughter doing this & that, giving attitude and things and dont know what to do. dnt just wamt to hit for every little thing.


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Consistent monitoring and discipline. You need to reinforce with your daughter that her untruths are not OK, and that she will continue to have consequences both at daycare and at home for continuing to tell lies.

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