7,5 month old throws up with pureed meat

Juliana - posted on 09/16/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi! DD 7,5 months old. She eata solids pretty well. Even mashed papaya and avocado, but when I try to give her pureed meat or chicken she'll throw up after the second bite! Any thoughts? She also gags when I give her lumpy food but does fine when eating crackers... Could it be the texture of the flavor that's causing her to throw up?


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Ev - posted on 09/16/2013




Well, for one thing, a 7.5 month old should not be eating meats just yet. Some textures of foods are not right for this age. Puree is best because a child this age has not learned how to chew yet and is in the learning stages of eating. Plus her belly may not be ready to digest that meat as of yet. SHe is just most likely cutting back on the formula or breast milk and starting foods. Do not rush this as you will either cause choking in your baby or other issues.

Cecilia - posted on 09/16/2013




Could be texture or taste. I would personally talk to a doctor about it. She might have something going on with her gag reflex. Sometimes all that is needed is a small break from the foods she dislikes for a week and try again. Try a different type of protein.

My daughter who is a year old will only eat turkey lunch meat. Any other kind and she will also gag and spit it out. Why? I don't know since she'll eat ham and everything else in larger forms.

The point is to figure out what works for her. If she never ends up liking any meat, that's okay there are other ways to get protein into her body. Many vegans live healthy lives and some do it because of taste. Just be patient with her and try to offer it.

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