7-Month-Old's first fever...Any Tips?

Mary Renee - posted on 12/29/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )





After taking a long flight to DC (my hometown) ten days ago and back to Hawaii (where we live) yesterday my daughter came down with a fever.

I'm sure she probably got it from someone on the plane. I took her to the pediatrician who prescribed infant tylenol and said it was probably a virus and she should be better in 3 days or else I should come back.

I'm looking for advice on how to comfort her and just generally... "do the right thing" to help her feel better, and actually get better. Since it's a fever should she be wearing LESS clothing, or more clothing? If she wants to be held non stop is it ok to still put her in the baby carrier backpack and do chores or should I wait till she sleeps to do chores? Will it wear her out to be in the backpack? Should I be giving her extra water? She's breastfed so I have rarely given her any water as she gets her fluid from my milk. Should I change her solids or diet in anyway? Anybody have any clues or tips that help their childen both medically improve or emotionally when they're ill? Are there baby foods with vitamin C I should be serving?

The doctor said it's probably just a virus, her temperature was 100.1 in the doctor's office and she's never been sick before.



p.s. There is a communication barrier between my pediatrician and me, I'm fairly young and my daughter is on MedQuest so it can be difficult to change, but my pediatrician's first language is Chinese and sometimes she doesn't exactly understand my question (or maybe I don't understand her answers) The office is also usually very busy so I don't get a lot of time with her and she didn't seem too concerned. That's part of why these questions weren't really answered at our visit.


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Katrina - posted on 12/29/2010




My second baby just had his first fever at 3 weeks old scared the heck out me my doctor drew blood to make sure it was just a virus and it was. Basically i was told to keep him cool. Dont over cover but make sure baby is comfortable and as long as your nursing and she's nursing regularly you don't need to give any water. Carring her a pack may make her hotter so that may not be best and if she's fussy and crying that my also raise he temp a little just keep her comfortable is really the only thing to do. Play games with her sing and just hold her if she wants.Kids get sick it happens but she'll be fine I'm sure kids and baby deal with better than us adults. : )

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/29/2010




Let her sleep, her body is fighting a fever and trying to recover from a flight.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 12/29/2010




You can always ask the nurse any questions. I am sure there is a hotline you can call also with your insurance that you can ask questions about.

You sound like such a good mommy! Sorry your baby is sick! I would keep breastfeeding, and no alternatives. Do not wear you baby right now becouse this can raise their temperature by being cusioned between you and a heavy holder. Just wait until baby is asleep for that.

You do not want baby stripped down competely becouse if they get the shivers, there core body temperature rises. Do not over dress becouse that will also raise core body temp. Just dress in regular night time clothes, without a blanket if currently running a fever. I usually keep my baby in a onsie with the sleep and play, then a sleep sack...My daughter had a temp of 103 about 2 months ago (6-7 months) due to vaccines...she made it through just fine. Keep very hydrated with breastfeeding, and just love the heck out of your baby. You can definately alternate between ibuprofin and tylenol, just get the ok from the Dr, first. You alternate every 3 hours, C. has that right! That is a scary thing a temperature...sounds like you are doing a great job. Keep it up, and baby will be better in no time.

Mary Renee - posted on 12/29/2010




Thanks so much for the quick response. What do you think about water? Now on top of the fever we're also fighting jet lag! The flight was actually over twelve hours as well as a five hours time difference from the east coast. So now I don't even know if I should wake her up because it's 4pm and she's sleeping alot, so I don't know if she's sleeping because of the fever or if it's because she's jet lagged and going to wake up at 2:30 am ready to start the day like last night! Argh!!!!!!!

When you said SC were you talking about South Carolina? Because South Carolina is actually closer to Hawaii than Washington DC. It was 4 hours to Dallas and 8 hours to Hawaii, with only a half hour layover inbetween. I wouldn't call it a short flight at all, haha.

Should I just let her sleep instead of trying to help her get used to the time change?

C. - posted on 12/29/2010




Whoa! My son and I have flown from SC to Hawaii many times (hubby's stationed out here) and he never got a fever. Feel so bad that your LO got a fever on a much shorter flight.

My son hasn't had but a few fevers (he's 2 1/2) and never got one until after a year old. But you can alternate between Infant's Tylenol and Infant's Motrin every 4 hours or so.

I would keep her clothed. When you get a fever, your body is warm, but you get cold faster b/c the heat of your body fighting off an infection. So keep her clothed and possibly covered up if she needs it. Also, watch out for shaking. If she's shaking, she's very cold.

I don't know if it will wear her out to be in the backpack, but one of the best things you can do as a mother is comfort your sick child. So, if it were me, I would just put chores on the back burner for now and give her my undivided attention until she starts feeling better. Chores can wait; Your daughter needs that comfort.

About the vitamin C thing.. I think I hear somewhere that once you're sick, the vitamin C doesn't help b/c your immune system is already being attacked and the Vit. C is supposed to give your immune system a boost if you're not sick. I'll try to find it, but I heard it on one of the morning news shows, I think.

Yeah, our doctors originally spoke another language. I think Chinese. So we're kind of in the same boat :/ The life of living on an island.

What I can say, is.. Don't let someone push you out of the doctor's office until they answer your questions. And if that doesn't work, then do whatever you can to get a new doctor, no matter how long it takes. You need someone that's going to listen to you.

But.. I would definitely put the chores on hold and just give your daughter your undivided attention. Make sure she still eats, too.

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