7 months and a mommy's girl

Annie Matilda - posted on 09/19/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My little girl is turning 7 months today, which is just amazing. Incredible how time has flown I must say.

Our daughter Emma is home with me as I quit my job to be a stay at home mom, 3 months before having her. My husband works and he works odd and sometimes long hours as an air traffic controller.

I've always had the thought of wanting my daughter to be used to other people, not being too shy and not throwing fits about which parent she wanted. All issues we thought about wouldn't happen until later on.

Since birth we have not been afraid to get together with friends and family, so she would get used to other kids and grown-ups. This has never been a problem, she has actually loved to see new faces.

Now, this funny thing happened after Emma was sick a couple of weeks ago.She had a cold and was very clingy, so we spent a lot of hours in the house and in the bed. Since then she's been so attentive of where I am. I can't even leave to get a glass of water while she is playing (open floor plan, she can see me anywhere). She also started screaming hysterically when I picked up a sock, while she was in her crib in couldn't see me.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks and it's only me, not my husband. She feels great being with him or anybody else for than matter, she just needs to be able to see me.

Have you dealt with this kind of separation anxiety and do you have any ideas for us to make this easier? Next week I have a meeting for an upcoming event, where she needs to alone with Luke for a couple of hours, and I simply can't bear the thought of her screaming like that, it's just heartbreaking.

I hope someone has a few tips,



♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 09/19/2012




My kids had to grow out of it. The "funny" thing was that the way they grew out of it was that when they got the chicken pox, it was their dad who stayed home with them, since he was out on disability leave, and I had to work to cover bills.

No way do I wish for yours to get sick again and have daddy be the one to have to care for her!

But, I do have to say that, now, when my 18 yo is in the hospital, he wants me, but when my 14 yo is sick, he wants his dad. So ours worked out to be half and half.

The separation anxiety thing is usually a phase that they all go through, and unfortunately, all we can do is wait for them to grow out of it. We have to keep up a normal routine (you have meetings to go to, etc, that you cannot take her to), and the sooner she gets used to that, the better. Do explain that "mommy will be back, but daddy is here" (even a 7 month old can understand what you're saying) and have daddy distract her as you leave.

Good luck! This too, shall pass, I promise! It'll be nervewracking, but it WILL pass...

Kimberly - posted on 09/19/2012




I also have a mommies girl and it does make it hard sometimes but she is at the age where separation anxiety is totally normal then topped with having been sick. I used to play alot of peek-a-boo with my daughter when she was really clingy so she slowly learned that even though she couldnt see me I was still there, then when I would leave a room for a few seconds I would talk or sing so she could still hear my voice, play peek around corners. She slowly got out of it but I never pushed her when other people were around cause I found that made it worse. She is almost three now and still loves having cuddles with me, still takes a little bit to warm to people but once she does she is a little party star!!! I still leave her with my husband or mil and she is fine. For your meeting next week she will cry when you leave but your husband will be with her and get him to show her new things just holding her ( I found outdoor things where great like leaves) and give her extra cuddles when you get home. They do grow out of it so its just the hard yards now, best of luck with it


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Kimberly - posted on 09/27/2012




That great Annie and I'm glad to see some things are working for you just keep at it and you will find a way to get through it!!!! Your daughter will also love spending the with daddy too and get more and more used to it. I still think it is such a beautiful thing watching a father and child play together Good luck with you meeting!!

Annie Matilda - posted on 09/26/2012




It's now been a week since I posted this and after reading your responses, I actually began doing a few things differently and though they are baby steps, things do seem to change.

I've always had a pretty strict routine for her, which she likes to have (a weekend in Aspen with no routine and she was so grumpy and tired all weekend).

Now I've changed it up a bit. Luke, my husband, now has her during the mornings. After I've fed her in the nursery, he is the one getting her clean, dressed and they play a bit before he leaves. We've been doing this for a few days and it seems to work great! No crying, even though I am taking a shower and getting breakfast ready.

When I've had her all day and Luke comes home, she's still a bit fussy when I leave the room but I have the feeling we can change that. I love that she's a mommy's girl but not over in the extreme.

Tomorrow is my meeting for the charity dinner prep and I am actually excited to see how it goes. I think the idea of singing and talking all through the house during the day, so she knows I'm there, is a really great idea, because though she can see me, given she looks the right way, the voice is the one she identifies and finds soothing.

We hope she will calm down fast, otherwise a stroller ride in the neighborhood will make her fall asleep. Wish us luck! :)

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