7 week old- breastfeeding and sleep

Crystal - posted on 03/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi ladies! This is my first time on here.... my baby girl is 7 weeks and we have had some obstacles to overcome already. I found out she has a milk intolerance so that means no dairy or soy products for me.. but in the meantime her BM's were s ooooo runny and her stomach growled alot. Things are getting better now that I am 2 weeks off of those foods. My question is how long your babies sleep for? She will sleep at night about 2 hours at a time. She wants no part of the co sleeper attached to my bed, nor does she want in her crib in her room. So she sleeps in bed with me latched onto my breast most of the night because she doesnt like a pacifier. Anyone else in the same boat or any advice?


Livia - posted on 03/05/2014




Just be careful of her sleeping right next to you. I cant imagine that you are getting a good night sleep. Generally the 2 weeks they sleep most of the day. from 2 weeks to 2 months they sleep anywhere from 14-17 hours well that was for mine and for my cousins child as well. I know they sleep alot because they have not developed their circadian rhythm. The 3rd month they sleep a liitle less and should start sleeping through the night a little bit longer. (15 hours a day) As far as your beautiful baby sleeping with you do youself and her a huge favor NOW start putting her in the crib or bassinet next to your bed even if its for 30 minutes to an hour at at time and increase it every day. TRUST ME!!!! you can email me ellen0115@aol.com if you need to talk.,

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