7 week old fights sleep

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My 7 week old fights sleep with everything he has.... Nights have been progressively worse and I know he is tired... What can I do??


Cecilia - posted on 03/29/2013




How many hours is he sleeping in total? I know sometimes it is hard to figure that out when they sometimes sleep 15 minutes at a time, but try to keep a chart for a few days to see. You might simply need to have him sleep less during the day so he will sleep more at night for you.

He should be sleeping a total of about 5 hours during the day (3 separate naps, I know this doesn't always work out that's when you look at the hours alone) He should be sleeping 10 hour nights. Mind you that usually doesn't work out as 10 hours strait, or even 3 hours strait.

That is the perfect world we're talking here. I know it doesn't work out as neatly in real life. So as far as you helping him get that sleep... my best advice is a white noise machine. You can buy an actual machine, which they sell at walmart, target, bed bath and beyond. Another option is buying a cd with nature sounds and playing that at night for him. Or find a stuffed animal with one in it. They have teddy bears with heartbeats which are great for this age. I personally got a sheep with 5 different water sounds. This was my life's savior when it came to my non-sleeper.

If you don't have money right away, a fan also makes white noise. If it is chilly simply turn it to face a wall so it isn't blowing air everywhere.

Another option is co-sleeping or bed-sharing. These are different. Bed-sharing means he will be in bed with you. Co-sleeping means his bed area is very close to yours, such as a crib right next to your bed. I know some people will say bed-sharing is a huge no-no. Not as much as you might think if it is done right. (such as do not ever take a medication that makes you sleepy while doing it)

I also learned that my non-sleeper has acid reflex. Laying her down flat caused her pain, thus she wasn't able to sleep for long periods. She wasn't eating enough at one time to keep her full for long periods either. http://heartburn.about.com/library/quizz...

If nothing else, call your doctor and let them know he is not sleeping enough. It might be something as simple as switching formula (if that is what he is eating) that could make a world of difference.

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