7 week old not sleeping at all!! Help!!!

Jade - posted on 06/26/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 7 week old boy is not sleeping at all!! He was bad as a newborn but getting worse!!! I have tried everything! He will sleep from 10 to 30 mins every 4 hours if I'm lucky. I have tried hungry milk and now on comfort due to colic. I have tried swaddling, sleep bags, moving from a Moses basket to a Crib as he is a big baby he had nearly out grown the basket. He is feeding every 2 hours a 4 oz bottle.

I'm a single parent and in need of help as he just won't settle. He will sleep if he is on me but as soon as I put him down he wakes screaming. In the day when his awake he won't play he just wants cuddling.


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Sarah - posted on 06/27/2013




It is important to set up a night time routine. My twins would not sleep when I brought them home, and this was a really stressful time for me! I started by giving them a bath in lavender sleepy time baby wash (I only used this scent for bed time baths!) and then put lotion on, talking calmly. Once dressed in jammies, I would give a bottle while I held them and rocked. After this, I would put them into bed. In bed, I used a sock full of rice that I had heated up (not too hot!) and lay one baby on each side of the warm sock (imitating my body heat) then I placed a teddy bear with mommy's heartbeat sound on the sock. This did not work instantly, but after doing it night after night my babies learned the bed time cues. You could also try giving your baby more than 4oz, he may not be getting enough food, especially if he is fairly big. He will stop eating when he is full, so this won't hurt him. If it makes you feel better, a 7 week old really is more into cuddling than playing. In a couple months, you will wonder where your little cuddle bug went...my ten month old boy spends his time terrorizing my living room and his twin sister!

Tracey - posted on 06/27/2013




His back may be out, might be uncomfortable for him to lay? Or if not that have u got a sleep school near by that can help?

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