7 year old 2nd grade girl making odd choice in friends.

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My 7 year old 2nd grade girl is reluctant to make friends with other girls. She has one girl friend who is not in her class who she will play with in the after-school program. If a teacher pairs her with other girls, she will play with them and really enjoy herself. But during school and in-class and at lunch and snack, she chooses to play only with two boys: one with a serious anger/behavioral problem and one boy who is borderline autistic. I have tried begging, bribing, threatening to take away toys away - everything - to get her to play with girls instead of these two 'problem' kids. Otherwise, she seems very happy and does very well in school. I'm perplexed. I don't want to punish her for having two friends - I just want her to choose better friends and she just won't. If there is a group of girls asking her to play, she will say 'no thank you' and go right to the problem boys. I'm so frustrated. I am also very worried that she's missing out on important socialization issues by only hanging out with these two kids. Any advice would be so helpful!!


Diana - posted on 09/17/2013




Maybe she is just a tomboy i suggest inviting a group of girls over but have them play something like touch football or softball either way i wouldn't be to worried i was the same way when i was little i just felt like the other girls looked down on me or were judging me

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