7 year old boy too playful for 1st grade?

Xavior - posted on 02/24/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hey mamas,

So my son is 7. He is in 1st grade. In kindergarten last year, I was advised by his teacher that he is too playful and does not concentrate. He can't complete simple tasks. He is disruptive (not in a misbehaving way, but seems to distract his classmates) What I can't understand is that, at home, he sits for long hours watching movies or playing video games. He loves reading and would sit for long periods of time reading 1st grader books (which are quite long in my opinion). He has seen an occupational therapist last year and on his first visit, OT told me does not need more sessions. I asked her just to give it another session just to make sure. We ended up going for 4 more sessions (cause I had to be sure and his teacher also pushed OT for it) OT then cancelled sessions as she could not pick up any concentration issues after 5, 90 minute sessions. So sessions were stopped. Now this year in 1st grade, a different teacher tells me the same thing and I just cant get it. he loves to play yes but at home he is just the best kid ever! Intelligent, caring, love reading, does crafts. Please help mamas. I'm at my wits end!


Dove - posted on 02/24/2016




Does he have any consequences at home for not cooperating at school?


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Ev - posted on 02/24/2016




I have to agree with Dove's question and also have some. Does he get limits on TV and video games? Does he get homework that needs to be completed and gets it done or are you after him to do it? Have you had him checked by his doctor for ADD or ADHD?

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