7 year old with ADHD,now Im being harrassed by school. Please help!

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Here is a topic I would love to hear some opinions on.
I have never been the type of person to immediately turn to medication when I am sick, or whatever the case is. I have always found a natural way or home remedies to heal myself.
Over the past few years, my son has had a very difficult time at school. Some behavioral issues, but mostly not being able to sit still and listen. Which I figured for a while was just him being a kid.
His teachers kept telling me he might be autistic or have ADD or ADHD. So I had him tested and he was positive for ADHD.
To me, he seemed like a normal kid, more energy than most, but everyone is different.
I switched schools for him this year due to the fact that the teachers were lazy at his previous school and kept calling me a bad parent for not "giving him the medication he deserves."
To me that just seemed like the lazy way out. Lazy and Parenting should never be in the same sentence. Parenting is not supposed to be easy.
Now, his new school keeps calling me as well, they have sent him home twice until I put my foot down. When I was in school we were sent to the office for not listening or misbehaving, I think its absolute bull crap that they now send kids home.
The last time he got sent home the school psychologist said I need to have a meeting with her and the principle to discus Mason's "condition".
I have done so much research on every single type of medication Mason could be put on. Every single one of them had terrible side affects... I have never seen the point in taking something that will cure one thing but give you one or two or even more problems.
So, I figure the best thing for him is love, positive reinforcement, and letting him know there is nothing wrong with him. I don't want him to grow up thinking he's different and that he needs medicine to be normal. No one person is the same as the next, and I am really getting sick and tired of being told how to parent, or that I am doing it wrong, or that I am withholding a better future for my child. I strongly believe that he doesn't need this, as I have grown up with people who were diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, and seen what it did to people who took med's versus people who didn't, & those that didn't said they struggled but the outgrew it or overcame it. While the people who took it said it helped them a lot but now they can't live without it without being a complete mess.
So if I really am looking out for my son's best interest and his FUTURE, would I not be a better parent by going the route that allows him to be who he truly is and help him to overcome it, rather than get him hooked onto something he can't live without later on?

Both positive and negative opinions are welcomed. I don't judge, everyone has their own opinion.



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In addition to Michelle's points, I'll add this: SOME with ADD, ADHD, etc will not improve without the benefit of meds, no matter how much you don't WANT to medicate.

Have you even bothered discussing with your physician the medication options? Independent research on the internet is great, but it's not gold, and it's not all fact. If you haven't discussed with your physician the different options, and if you continue to refuse to do so, the school district may have no choice but to tell you that you ARE homeschooling.

Our teachers are not paid enough, nor given enough resources in this day and age to be able to give individualized attention to special needs students. If your son's ADHD condition has become so uncontained that he is affecting the learning environment for everyone else, you have to address the issue. This does NOT indicate that the teachers are lazy, by the way, no more than you not wishing to mediate your child indicates that YOU are lazy. This simply means that your district does not have the necessary resources to handle the advanced individual interaction.

Have you looked into an IEP or 504? This would provide for the additional resources needed to assist your child in a classroom environment.

The bottom line is that you may not WANT to medicate your child, but you may NEED to.


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Sarah - posted on 02/20/2016




What resources or services have you used to help you son stay on track and learn impulse control so far?

Michelle - posted on 02/18/2016




Have you though about homeschooling him since the teachers can't give him the attention he needs?
He may even qualify to have a teacher's aid with him in class.
I wouldn't be so quick to say the teachers are lazy (just like you don't like being called a lazy parent). They have a lot of children to teach and don't have the time or resources to be giving 1 child more attention than the others. They also can't have 1 child disrupting the class.

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