7yr. old refers to father by first name

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I'm a single mother of a 7 yr. old daughter who refuses to see her father. She even refers to him by first name and gets mad when people say "your dad". I've tried to force a bond/relationship between the two and that ended horribly, he ends up taking her to see and spend time with the girlfriend I didn't know about while I was working. Talk about back fire. Is it bad or wrong of me to obey her wish of not seeing him. At times it feels wrong but the other hand that's her choice, I try she refuses. How do you know if it's the right choice?


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Stop forcing her to bond or call him dad. She doesn't see him that way. She has her own feelings and should not be made to ignore them. It is not YOU that needs to be making more of an effort, it is the father.


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At 7 years old she doesn't get to choose whether or not she sees her father. That is up to her parents to get a court order stipulating custody, visitation, and child support... and up to her parents to enforce the court order.

You can not force them to have a relationship and you should not force her to call him dad... She can already see for herself how he is and it's up to HIM to make the effort at a relationship or not... but you don't get to allow her to not see him if he wants to see her unless you have a court order allowing you to make that decision... because w/out a court order he has just as much of a right to take and keep his daughter as you do.

Teizliah - posted on 07/20/2016




He's hardly been in the picture from the beginning . His own personal life has been his main focus always. Everyone else always came before she has. Only recently when his girlfriend got pregnant he wanted to be a father. He wants her to be apart of his family. I worked like crazy to make ends meet and he didn't have a job he would have to watch her cause that's his child, but he would drop her off with my 14 yr old sister n not come back. That's how she seen her father in her early years.

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At her age, she doesn't get to have the choice unless it is in the court order.

I am curious as to the history with this one. Has dad been in the picture the entire time? In what way? Any ideas on why she would be like this? What do you and she discuss about it?

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