8-9 years difference is ok between siblings

Dakira - posted on 06/20/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




hii i am mother of a six and a half year baby through c-section. i wanted my second baby after 5 years. but as now my kid is 6+ and i am suggested by doctors not to conceive for min 6 more months due to some of my health issues. it may take more time too. so i am worried about this much gap between kids. will kids be comfortable with each other. me and my husband are also settled in this life.will this be difficult for both of us.


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Ev - posted on 06/26/2016




I agree that you should care for your health issues first and foremost before trying again. You need to be an pretty good health to have a child.

Now for the answer to the question: My kids are 7 years apart, technically 6 years, 2 months, and one week apart in age if you want the minute pieces of it so we just round it to 7 years. At first it was a struggle to juggle and baby and a 7 year old child. I have one of each and the girl is the oldest. But she had begged for a sibling since the age of two; mostly for a sister. She got a brother. Growing up together for them was good until their dad and I divorced and it got harder. I have never see two people so close and bonded as they are. They had each others backs after the divorce more at dad's house than mine dealing with issues with step moms and step sibs. Today as adults they still are so close its uncanny. I am also close to them. I can say raising kids this far apart in age was a great thing for me anyway. It allowed me to have almost two families in a sense and one watched the other grow up while one played a mother figure to the other in some respects.

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My niece will be 11 in November. Her brothers are 3 and almost 1 (in August). I know people w/ less than a year between siblings... and people w/ over 10 years between siblings. There are joys and challenges no matter how many kids you have or when you have them. You adjust and enjoy. :)

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Your story is similar to mine. In my case, I play the role of the baby. I’m the youngest in my family, and my twin sisters are almost ten years older than me. Although there is an age difference, we grew up together. The most important factor for you right now is to take care of your health issues. Have you thought of talking to your doctor to come up with a strategy for your pregnancy once you get well? Keep positive! All things are possible, and there’s time for everything!

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It will be a huge adjustment for you as you have some of your freedom back and then you will be going back to the newborn, sleepless night stage.
I have 8 years between my oldest and youngest and 6 years between my 2nd and youngest. All of my kids get along really well. The oldest one is really good with children though and he has so much patience with his younger sister. He is now 15 and my youngest is 6.5.
I don't regret having #3 but some days I did wonder why I went and did it all again.

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