8 days late two negative pregnancy tests. One test was negative at 4 days late the second was negative at 8 days late.

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I have a 4 year old daughter. This would/could be my 2nd pregnancy. 1st pregnancy tested 9 days late and got a positive at home pregnancy test.
I went to visit my "friend" or whatever you'd call him July 3-6 when I would've been Fertile Myrtle bc my cycle lasts around 29 days and my last period was June 19-25. We dated for months and he left for military duty and we decided to call it quits. When he got leave for the 4th he asked me to come visit and of course I did bc we did not end things on bad terms and still care for one another. (Mind you he isn't close to home, he's 9 hours away and we discussed visiting for almost a month before I actually went) Anyways, we had unprotected sex and I'm 8 days late for my period now. I've taken two at home tests. One was Clearblue and the other First response, both tests were negative. I took the first test in the middle of the day and the next test first thing in the morning. I have not had sex since I visited him, my boobs are swollen, mild cramping in my lower abdomen, i do not cramp or have sore boobs before my period normally, I do not take BC, milky white discharge, and no signs of Aunt Flo visiting any time soon. I did not spot before finding out I was pregnant with my first child. I have regular cycles and keep track of them every month. What is going on with me? My life is not stressful, steady job, wonderful family, great friends, good sleep schedule, healthy diet, no sudden weight gain or weight loss, never had thyroid problems and it's been checked before.... Completely puzzled. Please help :)


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