8 month old with chroinc ear infections!

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This will be her 4th or 5th if it turns into another one. She exclusively breastfeeds. She still is not iterested in ANY FOOD! I hate giving the poor thing antibiotics. My insurance won't cover naturopathic doc although I do believe they could help. Any advice would be great!


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It could be positional from when she breastfeeds. The milk could be going into her eustacian tubes and causing the ear infections. Try changing the way you hold her when she is nursing so that she is a little more upright. Also, if your pediatrician is Ok with her not eating solids yet, then do not worry about it. If you want her to eat solid food, then I would try introducing things for fun, not necessarily with the intention of them being a meal.

I used to make my own baby food by buying organic fruits and veggies and either steaming them until they were soft or cooking them in 100% juice and then pureeing them with a hand mixer. I would freeze everything in ice cube trays and then place the cubes in a bag. Then all I had to do was pop a cube or two in the microwave for 20-30 seconds (stirring well afterwards) and it would be ready to go. Homemade food always tastes better than the jarred stuff. Try some homemade apple sauce and see if she likes it. It's always a good start.

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Be careful! My son is now 10 years old but he has 5 ear infections and 2 sets of tubes put in by the time he was a year old. He has been on over 30 doses of antibiotic and when he was 18months old came down with a sinus infection that was resistenet to antibiotics because of the amounts he had already had in his short life. If I knew then what I knew now, I would not have given him the medication. We now see a chiropractor regularly and havent been on medication(any of the fmaily) inover 4 years!! Find a good pediatric chiropractor. Your son probably has a problem with his neck that is causing his inner ear to not drain properly. This is common in children because of the birthing process. A medical doctor will treat the symptoms, a chiropractor will go to the source to correct it. There is also laser therapy that can reduce any pain he may be having from the infection depending on the severity of it. My son had tonsils removed, adnoids removed, 4 sets of ear tubes that is 5 times being put under before I finally said NO MORE! We recently went to the ENT for a check up(2months ago) because my son is complaining of ear popping and the doc immediately said, oh there is fluid, lets give him meds as a preventative. I asked him if he had an infection and he said no but he could soon if we dont treat him. I think he must be getting paid by the drug company or something. It has been 2 months and no infection without meds, just chiropractic care. Search your options before falling into the same trap I did!! The co pays at the doc and hospital more than exceeded my chiropractic visits!


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Melissa, this is a very old post so if you have a question, start a new conversation and you will get more responses. Always finish the entire course of antibiotics unless your doctor told you specifically to stop them. When yo give an incomplete course of medication the bacteria that caused the infection can become drug resistant and even more of a problem.

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my daughter is 8 months old and had double ear infections, her docter said they were gone so I stoped her medicine so I go ahead and give her the rest of it? or not worry about it?

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Hey I hate antibiotics too, but Aiden had a ear infection on and off when he was 8 mths old, finally the Dr. recommended low dose antibiotic for 1 month straight. I hated the idea at first but after I did it, he's never had one again. Might not be the same situation, but it worked for him...he's never taken antibiotics again since!

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My daughter had chronic ear infections from about 2-3 months old, and after many nights at the hospital and thousands of dollars later, I finally took my daughter to my family doc. He recommended she see a ENT specialist, and within two weeks she had her tonsils and adenoids taken out and tubes put in her ears. She is now 6 and (knock on wood) she hasn't had another ear infection since. (her first surgery they did tubes, tonsil and adnoid removal. She wasn't even 2 yet). She did end up having to get 2 sets of tubes, but I think that has made all of the difference in the world! Good luck!

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try chiropractic - a lot of insurances will cover that! I have had my son adjusted every 6 weeks since he was 6 weeks old. He has had 1 Ear infection adn that was due to a sinus infection that drained. He is rarely sick, he is 17 months old and seriously has had like 3 colds. If the spinal cords aren't alighned it can cause huge issues. Find a chirpractor that works with kids, its pretty amazing to see how much happier they are when they are alighned.

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Herbs for Kids brand has drops you can find at a healthfood store, my pediatrician also carries them. called Garlic Willow.... garlic is antibiotic, olive oil, and willowbark... i live by it for ear infections and when anyone in the family complains of earache with a cold or flu

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My son had ear infections ALL the time when he was a little one, we got tubes in his ears and he's never had another problem since then! He's now 16.

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You are most likely going to have to take her to a ear, nose, and throat Doctor, My yougest grandaughter had the same problem and they put tubes in her ears and she is doing fine, Hope your insurance will cover this as sometimes they do if the baby dr. writes a referrel. Hope you get some help soon. Know what you are going through

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Poor babe! I won't be much help but in looking at allergy-related things for my daughter I read that chronic ear infections could be a cause of an allergy or allergies. Just a thought. Though you probably would have noticed other signs if it's food related and in your diet. Plus, my kids' pediatrician did say allergy testing at a young age isn't the most reliable. I was sick a lot as a baby and young child, with colds, runny nose and ear infections - all symptoms of allergies. Will your insurance cover if sent to the naturopathic doc from your pediatrician (like a specialist)? Good luck finding natural remedies!

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Both my kids had chronic ear infections, I hate giving meds (I am a paramedic) Both my kids are all grown, but I still use this method on my self and friends with young one also use it. tylenol for fever (need to keep fever down) peroxide to bring up any ear wax or such in the ear, few drops of alcohol to dry any liquid (it evaporates) than a few drops of olive or any light oil. This will sooth swelling and irritation. try to sit your baby up as much as possible while feeding.

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