8 weeks pregnant - bleeding

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Yesterday I started my 8th week of pregnancy and today I started bleeding. It wasn't much, a bit like when you are just starting your period, and so I think this is what's called spotting. I called up the dr and he said as it wasn't heavy bleeding i didn't have to have an emergency appt but they have booked me in to be seen first thing monday morning.

He said that bleeding isn't normal, but that a lot of people do experience it.

He's told me complete rest over the weekend and not to go to work next week (I have a job where I am on my feet all day, constantly). He told me to try not to worry, but that it is important I understand that this could be the start of a miscarriage.

I was just wondering if anyone has had anything similar and what happened in the end?


Sherri - posted on 01/20/2012




Yes it is extremely common and it happened with this pregnancy and now I am 35 wks and everything is perfect.


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Thankyou Sherri and Kaitlin, I got checked over today and both baby and I are fine. They couldn't find any reason for the bleeding but said as long as it doesn't become heavy or I get a lot of pain I don't need any further check-ups other than what you would normally have :)

Kaitlin - posted on 01/20/2012




Yes. It's common. Try not to worry, and if you have heavy bleeding, clots, or strong cramps you should call them back- they probably have an on call emergency nurse or doctor.

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