8 year old and sexual appropriateness

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Hi there..
My son has been influenced by some neighbor kids ages 9 & 10 about humping and inappropriate things.. I dont know what was all said because my son, 8 is denying everything! In this past week my 4 yr old daughter has told me he showed her his penis and at a party he showed another 8 yr old girl and was talking about humping.. another mom messaged me that during their school swim he was going up to boys naked in the change room laughing about humping thinking it was funny and doing the motion.. 3 boys complained the parent volunteer. I am so sadenned and so sick. I know it was the neighbors kids because he has told his friends what they search on their tablets (my son does not own one nor have access to internet) and the 9 yr old months back flashd my daughter (I stopped them from playing for a good few months). Now my 8 yr old is completley out of line and I try discussing appropraitness after the first instance and he denies anything happening but agrees to anything I tell him about being appropriate but then does other shit. Wtf do I do! Sooo angry and hurt and upset.


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You need to discuss this behaviour with your son, and explain the seriousness of something called "sexual harassment" (which is essentially what he is doing). Let him know that this is actually an be a criminal offence, and make sure you have some very consequences in place for this behaviour, including not being allowed to go out and play with his friends (and obviously the neighbour's children), and limiting or removing all computer/internet access privileges.

Don't allow him to deny it, as you've had reports from others that this is happening, so if he continues to deny his wrongdoing, put the consequences in place until such time as he can acknowledge the gravity of his behaviour.

With regard to the neighbours, you may want to have a discussion with the children's parents about what they are looking at on their tablets and the types of inappropriate content they have access to. Who is supervising the children when he is playing with the neighbour's kids and they have their tablets? I'd reconsider allowing him to play with them anywhere but under my supervision, which would include not having the tablets (my house, my rules).

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