8 year old daughter gets stressed out when she reads

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My 8 year old daughter gets stressed out, overwhelmed and verbally aggressive towards herself and whoever is trying to help her (usually myself or my husband). Through out school together (I home-school), reading is the one topic she has always struggled with and it doesn't seem like any program or suggestion we have taken has been much help to assist our daughter with a reading breakthrough.
She can sound out a variety of different words, but she also tends to guess some of the words too.
I am not to sure what to do.
She does not even seem to really care if she can or can not read.
Does anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, opinions on how to help my daughter enjoy, be motivated & positive towards reading/English.


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It sounds like she was possibly taught originally with both phonics reading methods (sounding out words) and sight words (memorizing words). Both do have their place, but the phonics system is much better for developing readers, then sight word stratagies should be added later to deal with words that do not adhere to phonic rules (like sight, for example!).
Many reading curricula are introducing sight words in kindergarten to familiarize them with frequently used, simple words. In theory, this builds the students' confidence because they can recognize many of the words on the page. Unfortunately, the reality is that as more and more words are added to their vocabulary, they cannot remember all of them, nor can they remember what words they should know, and what words are new, so they get frustrated if they have to try to sound a word out.
By teaching phonics first, the start to reading is slower, but the students learn that sounding out the word is the norm, and they will automatically familiarize themselves with the frequently used words over time, naturally eliminating the need to sound out frequent use words and leaving lots of memorization space for the irregular words.

DISTAR is a very good reading program, and there is a book called "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy lessons" that modifies the DISTAR method for one on one tutoring. This is NOT a complete reading curriculum, but should work well along side whatever curriculum you are using. The beginning lessons are VERY short and VERY simple, but resist the urge to do more than one lesson each day--part of the beauty of this program is that it keeps the lessons clipped short not only to make sure you are finished before frustration sets in, but to allow time between lessons for long term memory commitment.

I used it for my son, and by the end of it he LOVED reading, and he still does. At 9 years old, he has read several of Shakespeare's comedies, all of the Rick Riorden books, all of Jules Verne's novels, most of Isaac Asimov's work, Douglas Adams, and the like, and is currently reading Homer's Odyssey. He will read anything he thinks might be interesting, and his love of reading has really broadened his interests a lot and allowed us to explore a lot of new subjects in a much greater degree of detail than I ever thought we would have time for.

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