8 year old LYING to me!?!?!? I put her to counseling

Kelsey - posted on 09/24/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Sorry for so many posts about my daughter!!! I woke up at 11:45 PM and went outside the kitchen and I found my daughter on the phone. She was talking to an older student from her school, and it turns out that.... the older girls shoo her away at lunchtime to "pretend" that they are telling her to hang out with her peer group. But they taught her how to use the phone and gave her their phone numbers. I asked her who she's been chatting with, and she said it was a girl. I asked her again, and she didn't confess yet. Then the older girl on the other line asked her if she's still there, I picked up the telephone and asked her who she is. She said she's "Rachelle" and I asked her grade and the school shes from and also how did she befriend my daughter. She said 7th grade. So how do I deal with it?? I grounded her for a month. I've spoken to the counselor. It's not the older girl part that I'm angry about, it's the part where she lies. I told her that she is ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to lie to her mom and dad and she's only 8 so she does what her parents say!!!


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There is way more going on with your daughter, Kelsey, than i have a feeling you're wanting to admit. Which is fine, this is the internet, and you shouldn't put it all out there.

However, the more of her behaviour you list out, the more I'm wondering if she's being (or has been) sexually abused. Her wanting to continually push herself onto older girls, not listening to you, teachers, or administrators, the girls are enabling it...

There's something more going on here. Were it my kid, I'd pull her out, homeschool her, have her in counseling and family therapy sessions...

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