8 year old Niece

Lynnette - posted on 10/06/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My sister is going through a divorce that hopefully will be done this week. Both are in agreement on the details and are not fighting about anything related to it. My sister moved in with my family back in July with her 2 daughters because she needs the help getting on her feet once this is all over. Problem is, her 8 year old daughter has been acting out from the moment she walked through my door. She is very disrespectful, argues with me, makes smart Alec remarks, lies over anything and everything, will walk away when I'm talking to her unless I yell, then she stops. Will not do her chores (kitchen 3 days a week, same as her sister, and their room once a week) unless you sit on her about it, and then she cries like she's being punished because she actually has to do something. Her mother, I have spoken to more than once about this behavior, she thinks a short chat and it's all good, pretty much a slap on the wrist if you ask me. Other than that, she won't do anything about it, but insists on pointing my faults as if I'm responsible for her daughter's behavior, when in fact, I'm the one demanding the behavior stops immediately, and refuses to put up with it. I've made no secret as to how I feel about it, and her mother gets offended because I told her it's my way or the highway when it comes to how I get treated. I won't tolerate it, and if her mother doesn't like my refusal to allow this to continue, she can move out. I've told her many times her daughter needs a counselor, but she has yet to bother. The children get to talk to their father on Skype, they will see him every summer and every other Christmas as well. He is even coming up here this year (we are living in different states) to spend Christmas with them. Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this kid's behavior and her mother's? I'm at a loss and I've hit my ceiling with what to do about this. This is my house and there is no reason I should have to live with someone treating me this way when I did nothing to them to warrant this, but they get upset because I won't tolerate it.

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