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My son is 8 and no matter what the situation is about or where we are or who hes with. He has an attitude, he is very rude, mean, things he needs to be better than everyone. This is a daily routine. Never ends. Morning noon and night. I have told him im tired of always getting onto him, ive explained that being rude and having an attitude does not get him anywhere. He is in trouble every second of the day. I have put him in his room, talked nicely to him after the punishment was over. asked him why he treats the ones he loves the most like crap. I asked if he talks to his friends like this, of course he said no. He does have ADHD, is taking medication and still acts this way. I just want to know if its my parenting skills or just him and being him. I also want to know if ANYONE has ever taken their child to talk to someone about their anger problems and if it helped. IM LOST!!

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