8 Year old son diagnosed with ADHD and ODD


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Claire - posted on 06/15/2013




@ Kirsten
Thank you so much for your advice. He is seeing a psychologist but the aggressive out bursts are more than I can handle. I have spoken to the doctor and he has suggested Risperdal at a very low dose and this has seemed to help quite a bit. I also found a website called Kensway which teaches you how to deal with all children and not just children like we have - I'm going on the course in the next too weeks so will send you all the details after. Thanks once again. God Bless

Kristen - posted on 06/14/2013




Be patient and don't let things over well you. If not in the therapy then would suggest getting him in it. My son is 7, the psychologist is leaning toward my son being ODD but honestly I don't think it fits my son completely, yes lots of things fit but they are to me common kid things but my son does have mood problems and think its more toward bi polar but he is young so don't want that label unless know for sure... Anyways we are working with a Therapist and doing a NO DRUGS method. I honestly am not a fan of medications unless they are the last and only thing that will help the child and Small doses. The therapy is helping my son. Things are not perfect but he has only been seeing her since April. The therapist talks to him about how he feels and if can can tell when his mood is changing (my son gets angry and sometimes violent with himself and objects and only a small amount of times toward someone else). He is learning how to try and change his behavior and what he can do different other than the negative things. I am in every session and she also talks to me about what I see in his behavior and talks about strategies that I can do to help him as well when I notice when he is coming upon one of his mood changes. I know it can be stressful and I sometimes feel like I'm not doing something right but I know it's not the case cuz I'm doing everything I can do to help him and that it is something going on in him and that only he can deal with those things. I grew up with a brother who is manic bipolar and mania. It was stressful as a kid living with him but I was also closes to him than my sisters (we are closes in age and I was a Tom boy as a kid so didn't like the girly things my sisters did lol) but I think growing up with him has helped prepare me for my son. Sometimes I know I have to just walk away and let him be alone when other times I have to stay near and make sure he is safe and don't hurt himself. It's not always easy to tell which and honestly I can't say things really get easier but the more you learn about the things that help your son get to more good days then bad days that the stress is a little less and you learn to stay calmer with them and to ease it along better. I'm no expert but here is my little incite from my experience so far. If I missed anything or have any questions feel free to ask me. I will answer best I can :)

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