8 year old trouble fitting in anxiety about going to school

Cynthia - posted on 03/07/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Since Christmas 8 year old girl hates school. Gets very emotional and has few friends. Say she feels "not smart" has trouble interacting, throws tantrums, makes excuses. what to do for her. She is an only child, parents are older ,and has a nanny, she does not enjoy going to school seems alright once she gets home. Hormone swings, or something else? she has a strong personality, has trouble being bossy with kids her age. Does not like not getting her way, feels very hurt if she has to comply with anything she feels isn't fun, A bit spoiled, but, she is a good kid with a big heart, how do I help as her Nanny. She deals mostly with adults kids her age don't really like her much because of her bossy behavior, and she is becoming very withdrawn around kids. she needs some sort of help quickly, I miss her happy face, and creative ideas, She is just so moody and argues nonstop over everything now. Help!


Dove - posted on 03/07/2016




Her parents really need to step up and help their child. If her parents are 'uninvolved'... it's still possible that things will get better, but it will be a LOT harder on her.

What kind of guidance counselor/behavioral support is available at her school? If it's not ideal or not enough... an outside therapist may be beneficial.

What are the consequences for her throwing tantrums and making up excuses to not do what needs to be done? It's possible to be hormone related, but 8 is still a bit on the young side for such dramatic behavior (if it's a change from her 'typical' behavior).

It is very normal for kids to not want to do what they are supposed to do... but by 8 years old most kids understand that not complying is not an option. Not that they never throw stubborn fits... but they 'should' be fairly mild and short lived at this stage.


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