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I feel like my daughter started gaining weight 3 years ago when she started seeing her dad. Her dad was in jail for a while and she finally started a relationship with him but he started to let her down. He would do things in front of her that confused her and I regret ever letting them have contact. I know she really loves her dad but he is no good and I think this is why my little girl gained weight. Now I have problems with her weight and I hope she can get motivated with me to lose some pounds. I worry for her because my mom is diabetic and the doctor just told me she could be releasing more insulin than normal. How can I get my daughter to eat healthy and get off toxic foods? I need a strict diet for her. I think she likes to eat for comfort.


Rachel - posted on 09/30/2013




Start buying organic and from farms. Don't eat processed crap. Don't even have it in your house. If it's there, it's too much of a temptation for her.
Buy her fruits, veggies and let her snack on those. Try getting some organic snacks, they make some really good ones.
Take her for a walk everyday.
Do you have a wii or xbox? You could get her some fun work out games. She won't even know she's working out since it's a lot of fun. I love playing the games on them. Maybe try signing her up for some sports or gymnastics, maybe even dance.
Oh but the most important thing to do is to get her into therapy. She needs to address the comfort eating.

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