8 yr old who will not eat & has stomach aches - Trying Gluten Free.

Lori - posted on 01/06/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have an 8 year old daughter who has been increasingly hard to find food she will eat. We try to limit sacks so she will eat meals. She likes plan chicken, steak , roast, corn and will eat a few green bean, brocolli, squash, potatoes. She's good salad and fruit too. Huge problem is that she eats about 3 small bites of 2 items on the plate then is full. I have trouble getting her to drink fluids too. I'm lucky to get her to drink 2 oz at a time. I have to wait a few mins and ask her to drink more and she just sips. This has been getting worse over the last year of two. The main time she eats good is in the morning because she wakes up very hungry. So she eats a small bowl of cereal or waffle or eggs and bacon. This is when she eats the most, the rest of the day it is nibbles and I try to feed her healthy snack often so to get something into her. THE SECOND PART OF THE PROBLEM: is that she seems to have chronic stomache aches. Mostly gets them when she starts eating, not later when she has finished and almost daily. So, it seems she has a food reaction very quickly. It is not a severe stomach ache or we would have gone to the doctor by now. I thought is was associated with needing to have a bowel movement and her father has a history of stomach aches from child hood that they didnt seem to diagnose it back then. I gave her some gentle laxatives/fiber medicine by Pedia-lax which helped her not be constipated. I tried this for a few days thinking that would be the problem - constipation. But she continued to have stomach aches. So, I have not tried going GLUTEN FREE. This has been a lot of work to research and tedious grocery shopping and recipie looking/cooking. We have worked at this diet diligently for a week and her stomach aches seem to have almost gone away. Only a little ache when she has to have a BM which I think is normal (???). So, I am continuing to try to get her to eat but know with this diet it is even harder (no wheat/flour so no bread, breaded chicken nuggets, cakes, crackers, pasta unless made special gluten free). She has weighed 48/49 pounds for over a year, seems to be getting taller but not gaining. We plan to go to the doctor now that the holidays are behind us and now that I have some eating documentation to offer. Both my husband and I were very thin children as well. I'm just trying to not put her thru horrible gastro intestinal tests and biopsies if we can keep from it for now since they are so unpleasant. Anyone have experience with stomach problems and kids not eating? Not a simple process to evaluate foods & eating problems & BM issues but we seem to be getting better. Still trying to get her to eat more.

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