8months pregnant. rational advice only please!

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I have known about my bf's cheating ways for about a month now and I can't leave because I don't exactly have anywhere I can go at this time. I am nearly 8months pregnant and would like to give him an ultimatum because I truly believe that our relationship and family is worth fighting for. We both have a child from previous relationships which also makes this difficult because splitting would deeply hurt them as well. And I do love him that's what hurts the most and makes this so hard to deal with. Its eating at me what I have learned and I don't know what to do about it. I need a way to build up the courage to confront him with what I have found out. I need it to be rational and not lead to a fight. I want to handle this in an adult manner not some crazy freak out that gets us both no where but upset because that never solves anything. I am trying to be strong and stay that way but it has been a roller coaster ride. I just want to let this out. I've been putting on a mask for nearly a month and he doesn't know what I know


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If you know for a fact that he has cheated then dont let it bottle up inside and eat at you. Find a time where hes approachable...if there isnt a "good time" to approach him then ,like you said, as long as you are calm and rational with your words just ask him. Of course we expect people to get defensive when asked if theyre cheating so i think if you let him know your not accusing him, youre only bringing up a rumor and want to clear it up. He will either deny it or confess. Hopefully you will know if hes being truthful or not. If he admits to cheating I would let him know how it makes you feel and give him the opportunity to either apologize and/or vow to never do it again. In my opinion, especially since you are pregnant, its very important that you stay calm and open minded or the conversation could go bad. Everyone deserves a second chance...but in my book 3 strikes and youre out. Like the saying goes "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"
Hope to hear everything goes well. Ill be praying for ya :)

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