8yr old making himself burp

Emily - posted on 09/27/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 8 yr old son is constantly making himself burp! He also makes a funny noise with his nose. We gave him allergy medicine for that but I really think its behavioral. In the past he was blinking heavily and we determibed he had dry eyes. It just seems like every few months he's starting a new weird habit and Im at a loss as to what to do.
This burping thing is just makibg me crazy.


Sarah - posted on 09/27/2015




No one NEEDS to burp unless they have a digestive issue. I'd penalize him five minutes of computer, TV, phone, Ipod or whatever for each burp. Does he have allergies? Has the blinking been checked by his doctor? Kids with dry eyes tend to rub not blink. The less attention you give the negative behavior the less he will do it, unless he really can't stop. If he has a tic problem he will persist in the behavior. If you simply say, five minutes more of .....gone, now we are up to 30 minutes he will probably curb it if it is voluntary. If these are involuntary tic behaviors, you need to speak to his doctor.

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