9 month (almost 10 month) old baby boy pulling hair

Valeria - posted on 07/13/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




My child is about to be 10 months old and every since he could, he has been pulling hair. The thing is I always correct him in a serious voice to stop and he has stopped pulling my hair, but he always still pulls his cousins hair constantly. He seems to only want to pull her hair and my dogs hair as well. I say no and correct him, but he just does not seem to want to stop or does not understand to not stop. I honestly do not know how to stop this bad habit. Please advice


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Raye - posted on 07/14/2015




Babies somehow love to pull hair. Any long hair that they can tangle their little fingers into, they go for it. It's pretty normal. I have long hair, and always know when I hold a baby to keep my hair back away from them. They also like shiny stuff like necklaces and earrings. They're just exploring the world around them. Don't get too bent out of shape, and make sure you warn friends and family with long hair to keep it back when they hold the baby.

Celia - posted on 07/13/2015




He's still a baby i don't believe he is going to understand what no means. My daughter is almost 9 months and she does the same thing and i also tell her no and continues to do it. like i said, they are just babies they yet don't understand, wait till they get older and then they will understand.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/13/2015




Continue to be consistent. He's only 10 months, for crying out loud.

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