9 month doesn't want baby food anymore wants her formula bottle

Lynn - posted on 05/04/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 9 month old started this week not wanting to eat her Oatmeal for breakfast but will take her bottle, lunch she doesn't want to eat the puree baby food, she only has her 2 bottom teeth, she will take her formula bottle, what do I try?


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Marilynstheone - posted on 05/04/2016




Try giving her Organic certified Stonyfield yogurt pouches or yougurt tubes that you freeze and they are great for teething. My granddaughter loved the strawberry and blueberry pouches that need refrigeration and can be frozen one time and then you can give them the pouch after defrosting the pouch and its still frozen enough to help with teething. It contains calcium and minerals and even probotics. Never feed your toddler gmos genetically modiifed food that contains roundup which contains glyphosate which if you look it up has been shown to cause serious health issues as a baby is developing and gmos have never been tested safe for human consumption. Always look for non gmo verified or USDA certified organic seal and you will feel secure that no pesticides or toxic chemicals or perservatives are in your babys food . ANother great product is Organic Valley milk for toddlers that come in tiny milk cartons or you can purchase a 1/2 gallon milk as Chocolate 2 percent organic certified was my granddaughters favorite. Organic valley also sells grass fed organic milk which is so nutritious and important for a healthy body and nervous system .Grain fed cows usually have gmo feed in them which once again contains roundup and pesticides and the dangerous growth hormone. Ellas organic applesausce pouches and sweet potato and blueberry are excellent for your toddler . They are found at Walmart and most grocery stores and WHole foods and Target carrries many organic certified pouches and toddler snacks found in the toddler section of target stores . Hope this helps and any more questions feel free to message me . Please do not feed your child anything but organic certified oatmeal and try putting organic bananas , organic applesause in their organic oatmeal otherwise if you are using gmo oatmeal or conventional oatmeal your toddler could begin having gluten intolerence and stomach issues as roundup and glyphosate destroy the good gut bacteria . Look up you tube movies like gmos I can ge the titles for you later as there is a really good one that explains in detail what gmos are and comes animated for your children to watch too. I think its called Gmos a go Go or something as I just cant think off the top of my head. Also my graddaughter loved SIlk almond vanilla organic certified non gmo verified milk when getting off her Earths best organic certified formula red can without the iron as she was also being breastfed until 2 years of age along with organic certified pouch food. Stonyfield yogurt smoothies sold in small bottles or you can put the smoothies in your childs training cup or bottle as its full of antixodants and proboitcs for toddlers. Hope this helps. Marilyn

Jodi - posted on 05/04/2016




My daughter HATED pureed or mashed food or normal baby food. All she ever wanted to eat was the same food we ate, so I started her on finger food at this age. You'd be surprised what they can eat with their gums. Maybe your daughter is the same.

Sarah - posted on 05/04/2016




Dove is correct, keep giving her her formula. Meanwhile you can put her in her high chair with a sippy cup of water to practice with and a few pieces of finger foods, like Gerber Puffs or cheerios. You'd be amazed at what she can "chew" even without teeth. At nine months this is good practice for her; both eating and fine motor skills. One of my four refused baby food altogether and went straight to a modified table diet, scramble eggs, soft pieces of french toast, small piece of soft fruit like banana or mango. Good luck!

Dove - posted on 05/04/2016




Let her have her milk when she wants. Keep offering the food, but as long as she's still drinking enough formula... don't worry about it. Food is just for fun under a year. The formula has everything her body REALLY needs.

Some babies do not want purees. You might have more luck if you give her things she can feed herself (banana or other soft fruits, cooked carrot or sweet potato, well cooked pasta, etc...). Even babies w/out any teeth can eat 'real' food. Their jaws are pretty powerful at smashing things up.

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