9 month old baby - how to take dummy/pacifier away?

Anna - posted on 09/22/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi All, my 9 month old baby is addicted to his dummy/pacifier to the point he needs it to be resettled for naps and night sleep (every 1-4 hours). We generally end up co-sleeping early morning, but he is starting to resist this to. He settles within a couple of minutes after book/song and dummy, but seems to have a hard time resettling without the dummy. As I am struggling with sleep deprivation, I am thinking of taking the dummy away, I am worried about how long and hysterical he will cry for. Has anyone been through this and can perhaps share their experience and method used?

Thank you so much.

Please note my son is breastfed but has weaned early, only taking a midnight and morning breastfeed.

Our routine now is:

7.30 breastfeed

8.30 fruit / cereal

10.00-11.30 sleep

11.30 lunch - fingerfoods

2.00 yoghurt

3.00-4.15 sleep

5.30 dinner

7.00 bed

24.00 breastfeed (time varies)


Anna - posted on 10/02/2012




Hi All, for anyone facing the same problem. I ended up taking my son's dummy away cold turkey. The first night he cried for 20 minutes and we checked him at timed intervals, he then slept 3 hours, cried for an hour as we checked on him every 2,4,6,8 and then 10 minutes and voila he then slept till the morning. This was the worst night of crying. He has been sleeping better during the day, very long stretches at night and now after 3 days goes to sleep without crying or with very little crying. He is much happier and so are we. I would have been happy for him to have his dummy for a couple of years, but knew it was causing a problem for him right now. We have been amazed at how quickly and well he has adjusted. Good luck.


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Ella - posted on 09/25/2012




I think if u decide to give ur child a dummy,u should continue with it untill they can understand they don't need it no more,I gave my sons to the dummy fairy when he was 2.until then like someone has suggested scatter a few dummies rand his cot

Elfrieda - posted on 09/24/2012




A friend of mine had about 6 soothers scattered throughout the crib and taught her son to find one and put it in in the night, and that worked for them.

Anna - posted on 09/24/2012




Thanks Sandy... but my baby wakes every hour at night for me to put the dummy back in, otherwise I would be happy for my baby to have the dummy until he was a toddler. He only has his dummy for sleep times already. It is just that it is getting very hard for me to function and be a good mum in the day.

Sandy - posted on 09/23/2012




Hi my daughter had her dummy till she was 5..i know way to old!! We hung all the dummys on our apple tree and sprinkled fair dust over them for the dummy fairys to come and take. This really worked. Your baby is still very young maybe you should wait till he's a year when he is more aware of things..you could only give it to him at nap times and bed times to start with, and gradually faze it out xx

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