9 month old gross motor delay?

Jen - posted on 11/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a first time mom my daughter is 9 months old I just took her to her 9 month check up at the doctors and he voiced concerns about her being delayed in he gross motor skills he said that she should be crawling on all fours, pulling herself up, furniture walking and taking assisted steps none of which she does. She just started commando crawling which I was super excited about but know feel worried about what she is not doing I am wondering what other peoples 9 month old babies do?


Sarah - posted on 11/25/2013




I would just keep an eye on it. At her age babies are still all over the place as far as gross motor development. My youngest never really did crawl....she would scoot on her butt. It was not until she started to walk did she actually start to crawl on all 4's. She was also a later walker.....walked at about 14 months. She was our 3rd and I was in no hurry to have her walking. She was developing fine in all other areas so I was not concerned. I would not worry....just take a note of it and if she is still not doing any of the above by 12 months then look at what you may do to help her. Most doctors do not worry about walking unassisted until a child is about 18 months old....so your daughter has ALONG time before then. I have seen kids that catch onto walking just like that and within a weeks time are walking unassisted and then there are others that take their time......they get there faster crawling (or rolling as one of my kids did), so walking is not a need they see doing anytime soon.

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