9 month old that hates tummy time and is not crawling?

Megan - posted on 02/16/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




my daughter will be 9 months on friday and she still hates tummy time. We do it everyday and I put toys in front of her and try to play with her on her tummy but after less than 5 minutes she screams and cries. she is not crawling or pulling herself up on things ever. the doc said she may skip the crawling stage I'm just a bit concerned she is behind? any suggestions or tips...


Amy - posted on 02/16/2011




My daughter is 11 months and I don't even bother with tummy time anymore. She never rolled over and has absolutely no interest in crawling. If she wants something she scoots around on her butt. She has been practicing pulling herself up on me but hasn't quite mastered it on her own. Like other moms have said she may skip crawling altogether!

Bonnie - posted on 02/16/2011




Many babies skip crawling and go straight to walking. Some don't start walking until 18 months though.

Michelle - posted on 02/19/2011




my daughter absolutely hated tummy time she would scream and cry until you either sat her up in her jump-a-roo or sat her in the bumbo chair with stuff all around her to play with. She crawled early and was walking by 10 months so don't worry just keep trying that is what we did and now at 22 months she is a going concern.

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My daughter recently got her shots and the nurses suggested that to help her out I roll a receiving blanket and put it under her, then get her up on all fours and hold either side and help scoot her along. I didn't end up trying it because she started crawling a few days later but it may help you. My daughter also hated tummy time and went from her bum to her knees and crawled that way. It was impossible to keep her on her tummy because she learned to sit by herself so I wouldn't be too worried about it. I would also try and limit her time in her exercauser and other things and make sure she gets a lot of floor time.

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my sister who is 9 months crawls and when she crawls she crys do you know why that might happen?

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First don't panic.
2 of my daughters didn't crawl more than a week and yet another didn't crawl at all. If you are really worried about it then see if she would like being on her knees'. Put her on her tummy and then physically show her (slowly) how to pull her knees up. Let her stay like that if she wants or if she doesn't then change her position.
Also you could just leave her on her back. She may just prefer it that way. She may also just want to role over and try to do everything herself.

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My daughter sat on her own at 4 months, but by 9 months wouldn't lie on her tummy and showed no signs of crawling. I was getting worried. Then one day, at close to 10 months, she rolled onto her stomach, pushed herself up, and crawled off like she'd been doing it for months. I secretly suspect that she got up at night and practiced where I couldn't see her, lol. If she seems fine physically/developmentally in all other respects, I wouldn't worry too much. They each have their own way of doing things that works best for them.

Alison - posted on 02/16/2011




Is she sitting at all? My nephew had very little strength in his upper body until a few chiropractic adjustments (around the age of 9 months). Then everything fell into place.

You might want to see a chiropractor to find out if that might help. Most doctors are chiro-phobes (I haven't quite figured out why yet), so don't bother asking your doc about it.

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