9 months old and still not sleeping through the night!

Erika - posted on 03/01/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hi all! My almost nine month old son now refuses to sleep through the night. By the time he was about 5 1/2 months old he was sleeping sometimes 8 hours without a feeding, but since his teeth rapidly started breaking through, he wakes up about two times a night for a bottle. Sometimes he is really fussy and only wants to crawl around and play. At 3 in the morning i dont think anyone wants that on their agenda. As a first time mother, I am not sure if this is normaI. I have been told both. Cylas takes 2 naps a day, unscheduled, as he sometimes falls asleep while playing with his toys. If anyone has some advice to help my son (and me!) get some sleep at night, your replies would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Carolyn - posted on 03/01/2011




I am a big fan of structure during the day atleast in the form of routine. You dont necessarily need to schedule your naps to a certain time, but when he starts to get sleepy, i personally would put him down in his bed for a good nap. babies do need adequate rest during the day to help them sleep better at night ( as backwards as that sounds). I know my son definitely becomes restless and his sleep patterns are disturbed when he is teething and sleeping through the night typically goes out the window. as it does when he is mastering a new skill ( crawling for example, he kept doing it in the middle of the night half asleep lol and would wake up pissed off and jammed in the corner of the crib)

Just keep it quiet, dark and mellow if he does wake during the night, snuggle in a rocking chair for a few minutes giving him that comfort then back to bed. that what i do, but i will admit when he is wide awake, we lay on the couch with a mellow video with only classical music for sound and within a half hour he will start to let me know he wants to go back to his bed.

when teething i have always found it bothers him most when there is nothing to distract him from the pain hence the crawling around and wanting to play. try getting a musical crib toy with lights to capture his attention and lull him back to sleep.


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Sandra - posted on 03/02/2011




i have a 3 yr old daughter and an 8 month old daughter. My first child would sleep from like 8 at night till u in the mornin for the first 4 months and then it was all over the place and it has only been the last 6 months that she actually sleeps all night and my youngest child hasent really had a good sleeping pattern at all and can sometimes sleep all night or wake up 3 or 3 times a night for a bottle and its frustrating at times but at the end of the day its all worth it.

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My kid went through a growth spurt and cut 8 teeth at that age so there was lots of night waking and feeds. I'd say this is pretty normal. He still wakes up at 11 or 12 for a cup of milk then goes back to sleep until morning.

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I have twin girls that slept through the night at 6 months.... for a month. Then from 7-14 months they were up once or twice a night. Then they started sleeping through again and stayed that way (except nightmares or illnesses).

Then I had a son who by the time he was 2 had slept through the night maybe a dozen times total......

As annoying and tiring as it is.... it is not uncommon. As for advice... all I ever did was nurse them back to sleep. :)

Katherine - posted on 03/01/2011




I have a 2yo that still doesn't sleep through the night. She has been cutting teeth for months, finally got them all, and is now getting her 2 year molars. I give her Tylenol (off brand) or Motrin (off brand) It gives me a couple of more hours of sleep.

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