9 week baby help reflux or colic?

Michelle - posted on 07/11/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I was wondering if anyone can help my LO is 9 weeks old and doesn't sleep well through the day at all she is not to bad at night. Constantly wants to feed she is both breast and bottle feed( wanting to ween he off breast) I give 2 bottle a day and the one at night she will sometimes finish it but most of time she doesn't but not even 10 mins later wants to feed again the only way I can settle her is to breast feed and then she falls asleep and wakes up 10 mins later if that looking for it again.. She has been constantly drooling and sucking her fist, she won't have a dummy. She frequently gets the hiccups and when feeding can hear her belly just rumbling. She will only fall asleep on me and through the day when I put her down she will wake up it's like she is falling when sleeping and wakes up I have tried wrapping her but she hates it and screams and doesn't stop. I am sick of sitting on lounge feeding her I can't even go anywhere cause she starts crying in her pram and car I feed her before I leave but not even 1 hour later she wants a feed if I give her bottle she sometimes refuses it or doesn't drink it and I end up sitting in car to breastfeed her again.. I don't know weather to use different formula ( using nan ha gold) I give her infants friend before bed which sometimes helps but I am going crazy I have 2 other kids and they were not like this I can't do anything with them cause I am glued to my LO trying to put to sleep or feeding and constantly holding her. Please help need advice

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