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Aaliyah - posted on 03/04/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello moms I am new to the site and need advise about how to handle my 9 year old daughter she has become disrespectful, for example i would be talking to her and she will suck her teeth, also she likes to roll her eyes at me and when I question her about the eye rolling she would lie and say I didn't do that, when I just saw her do it. I am asking for some advise from one mom to another.


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Sasha - posted on 03/04/2015




I would talk with her. I remember rolling my eyes at my mom and not really meaning it and being punished. I think its a expression to how she is feeling. You could just ask her to leave the room if shes feeling agravatted. And if you ask her a question plz respond looking at you not at the ceilling as my mother would say. By my mother saying that i felt a lil unconfortable but at the same time i was reminded not to roll my eyes. This may help her stop rolling her eyes as well as you keeping your sanity . remind her look into my eyes when you answer me a plz show me the same respect i show you. Best of luck :)

Trisha - posted on 03/04/2015




Wow, you have had some real winners reply. I honestly would take away some sort of privilege she has, whether that be an electronic, tv or computer time each time she does it. Clearly explaining to her "each time you give attitude, including rolling your eyes or making disrespectful gestures I will extend the time".

I would also ask her if there is any reason she is being disrespectful. Usually they have what they see as a valid reason. It doesn't have to matter to you, but at least she will get a chance to communicate it.

Keairra Ermani - posted on 03/04/2015




I would woop her butt tell her go to her room take her phone tablet laptop

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