9 Year Old Daughter has ADHD but I have her on NO meds but shes wearing me out.

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My daughter was diagnosed at the age of 4 with ADHD with almost no impulse control. I tried meds for 2 years and decided it wasn't the path for us. She was too much a zombie and thought of death often. Not very good signs for a 6 year old. So we have been med free since she was 8 and as she has gotten older she has gotten a better handle on controlling her impulses. She was tested this year and is considered a gift student. Her teachers have always worked with me to allow her to stand up to work, move chairs, sit differently than the others in order to accommodate to her needs. I have her in several after school activities, cheerleading, acro and girl scouts but its not enough. She is still so full of energy when she gets home. Unlike myself who is tired from work, school, girls afterschool activities ( you catch my drift). Last night I came home with bags of groceries which she helped me carry in. She accidently dropped a jug of apple juice all over the kitchen. it exploded. I sent her to her room where later after cleaning up a 48 oz of apple jucie man made beach I had in my kitchen I went to her room to talk to her and she told me "mom I swear I didn't touch it. It must had slipped off the counter. I have no clue how" Now I watched her hit the apple juice by accident while she had impulsively leaned on the counter to see a picture frame of Disney princesses. she had no clue that she had done anything. Its all the extra energy. My question is what do other moms do to maybe help with the extra energy or help for their child to notice they are being impulsive.


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I'm only going to address the most recent 'incident', because I feel that anyone with ADD/ADHD can and should be treated just the same as a 'normal' kid. They ARE normal kids, with some excess energy and mannerisms that need to be redirected to more constructive avenues. (And, I don't feel that most of them need the zombifying medications)

As far as the most recent 'incident'...You just described a normal 9 year old kid with excess energy and no regard for surroundings. Rather than sending her to her room, you should have had her clean up the mess. By doing that, you would have brought her attention to the fact that, yes, it was an accident, but it was avoidable, because she could have done many things before leaning over to look at the picture, and any one of those things would have had the juice out of the way.

With ANY child, whether or not they have a behavioural disorder, constant reminding, redirection, and attention to surroundings must be stressed in order for them to learn how to control it. Because, honestly, the hyperactivity, etc...I see it in A LOT of young people, not just those diagnosed with a behavioural disorder. And, having seen A LOT of ADHD and related disorders in my own family, I can guarantee that meds ARE NOT the be-all end-all solution, and the parents of these kids need to stop saying "Oh, it's because she's got ADHD" as an excuse to not remind their kids of proper behaviours.

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