9 year old embarrassed in class in wear a bra

Shilpa - posted on 04/22/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )





I have a 9 year old daughter who needs to wear a bra.Firstly is it a right age to start and secondly children in her class children keep asking her why do you have big boobs..???? Do you wear a bra..???? And she still hasn't started to wear one...what she should answer her friends and how do I explain her that she needs to wear one...thanks in advance


Raye - posted on 04/22/2016




If she has more than small buds that could be concealed by wearing a tank-top or camisole under her regular shirts, then yes she does need a bra. Her "friends" are being very rude to talk about her breasts. She should just inform them that it's none of their business. If they are asking because they need more information about bras for themselves, then (if she's not comfortable talking about it) she should tell them to talk to their parents about bras. Breast size shouldn't be anything to be embarrassed about. You can't help how your body develops. Girls who have larger breasts usually find that bras help you to be less worried about them. Your boobs flopping around in gym class can be especially painful, and so a sport-bra or regular bra that can keep them in place is a very good thing. I would suggest that any bra with a clasp should have the clasp in front. It's easier to put on, and it's harder for boys to be mean and unhook it.

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