9 Year old Jealousy

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My 9 yr old daughter is an only child. She gets nasty when my husband or I pay attention to her friends and says think like "You'd rather have X as a daughter" or "You love X more than me". She'll have a serious melt down and then is mean to her friend. How do we make her understand that she is #1 and she should treat her friends as friends & not enemies. We are afraid she won't have any friends if this keeps up


Tamara - posted on 07/28/2011




I would when she is calm and relaxed explain that you are making her friend feel welcome in your home. After that if she does it again just ignoring it, she could also be getting something from seeing you you get upset or the attention she gets from it.

Then if she accepts it when you talk to her friend pull her aside and praise her for her change of heart and that you are proud that she understands. That way she is getting the positive instead of the negative.

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