9 year old step son hates me!

Caroline - posted on 04/17/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please help. My 9 year old son has become increasingly naughty. He test his father all the time but with me if I ask a simple thing of him to make his bed or pick up his clothes please he simply answers with on. He won't look at me and barely speaks loud enough for me to hear. It was recently my birthday and he hid while everyone else sang happy birthday to me. He didn't even say happy birthday. He's little brother has told he not to be upset because his big brother doesn't like me because he likes me. So cute. He's 7. He goes home and tells his mother I'm mean when I'm absolutely not! I don't swear at him or raise my voice. I do get frustrated and have to leave the room when he gets so naughty the whole house is disrupted. I'm at my wits end and feel so horrible and beginning to not like him. I ask God to help me as Iv never had a child that would treat me with such disrespect. My own 2 girls would never treat me like this or my friends children or even his little brother. Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling so lost about what I am failing to do in my role.


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Ev - posted on 04/17/2016




Sara--I am not sure what you are going on about.
Your husband needs to make the boy mind. It is his job to parent the child when there but it is your home too and you both should have sat down and come up with a plan of rules and consequences for all the kids to be the same. Sounds like he is getting away with what he wants to. He is not getting consequences for his actions.

Sara - posted on 04/17/2016




If it gets too crazy than really a doctor is the solution... Can't be your fault.

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