9 years old girl wetting bed

Diana - posted on 03/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 9 years old daughter is dyslexic, and has a developing delay. Apart of having difficulties in reading and writing, she keeps wetting her bed. She had like two periods of time when for more months she was able to wake up dry and we tough this it will be solved, but in the last 6 months she is worse than years ago. Almost every night, she wee in her bad, sometimes two times. I was trying to wake her up and put her to the toilet, some times (very rarely), she is peeing and no more wetting bed, but most of the time she do nothing and morning time she is wet. every night before going to sleep I speak with her, we also set alarm clock, but she doesn't hear it and situation is the same. There weren't big changes in our family life which could cause her any trauma; I also noticed that in the last time her self esteem is getting lower and she keeps saying "I can't do this and I can't do that" for things she can do it. And apart of this she has one more bad habit during the night: she sleeps only with light turned on; if I turn it off she wakes up, turn t on and call me in her room. She looks like being afraid of some thing, but anytime I am asking her, she can't give me a precisely answer- just "I am afraid of dark" ... If you can help with advice, please do it. Many thanks. Corina


Vanessa - posted on 03/05/2013




Let her keep the light. I had to have a light on too when I was young, and interesting because I was also dyslexic. Being afraid of the dark can be terrifying. My suggestion is that maybe she's afraid to get up at night to go the bathroom because it's dark. So it sounds like she already has a lot to cope with, I say give her a flashlight or what works best, and keep talking to her about her fears. Hopefully she'll tell you what exactly she's afraid of and then you can address that. It must be very humiliating for her. This is clearly about much more than wetting her bed.
And just another word of advice, when I was potty training my kids I would put three sheets on their beds with water proof covers between, so it's easy to change her bed.

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