9 yr old son told me that he is now living at his fathers girlfriends dads house ALONE. Father will not give me the address..HELP!

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I recently moved to Los Angeles to finish my nursing degree at UCLA temporarily. Before I left, my ex and I came up with an agreement. I stay in contact with my 9 yr olds school, etc etc. Over this past year, my ex has gotten back with his ex girlfriend and lost his house where my son and him lived for a long time. My son knows this woman well. I also have purchased an iPod over christmas for my son so we can do regular FaceTime calls, text messages etc. During this time, my ex has turned off my sons FaceTime and does not encourage us talking. Recently within this past month, my son informed me that he is now "living with his dads girlfriend ALONE at her dads house." My son claims that his father "does not stay at the house" and lives with his parents (my sons grandparents) because he "works in a different town". After learning this, I proceeded to ask my ex for the address where my so his now living. He has not given it to me. I don't think this is appropriate. His father told me that I am "no longer" my son mother. The girlfriend is volunterily decided to call herself "mama" to my son. She thinks this is okay and thinks she has the right to make decisions regarding my sons welfare. I am being alienated from my son, and he is being brainwashed to call this girlfriend "mama". I have decided to take my BACK to court (we've been several times during my sons life) and ask for temporary custody of my child while my ex is able to get his life back together. My concern is that I currently live in LA away from where my son has gone to school his entire life. I don't think the judge is going to give me temp custody because I live so far away. My son has his own room in my apt and has also developed a relationship with my fiancé of which lives with me as well. I have some other incriminating evidence of my son being with the girlfriend and his father and playing "beer pong" along side them until 5am and then having to "sleep on the couch". I am in the process of filing court paperwork. Please help someone with advice in the mean time!! Thanks!!


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All you can do is take your evidence to court. Even w/out getting temporary custody... you WILL be able to communicate w/ your child and know the address of where he is living. Parental alienation is not something a judge takes lightly. Get a good lawyer (if you don't already have one), give them all your evidence, and stay calm. That is the best 3 things I can advise.

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