9month old batteling with Ezcema have any advice?


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Paige - posted on 05/22/2013




Hello Lotta! I'm a mommy of a 10 y/o girl and a 1 1/2 y/o son...My son at about 4 months he started getting rashes and it gotten so worst that he had eczema from face to toe! I tried everything: Aveeno, Cetaphil, Triderma, Eucerin, Curel, Aquafor, Vanicream....I had no choice but follow the Ped's order...Hydrocortisone! It never worked! I went to his Allergist and prescribed Mometasone Furoate for the body and Triamcinolone Acetonide Ointments for his face. These two helped a lot but thinking of all the chemicals and steroids on my son's skin but I would do anything for him to make him feel better and not itching all the time which led to sleepless nights and mood swings. So even when I knew that these ointments had the worst ingredients, I had to do it... He's better now, rashes come and go and prominent ones left dark marks on his skin. I joined SEACRET DIRECT just over 3 weeks ago and learned that our products are safe for the babies and kids who have skin problems. Our products are rich in minerals from the DEAD SEA and other essential oils and we are paraben-free. Our mud soaps, body butter and salt & oil scrub are the best eczema solutions as well as psoriasis, pimples/acne and other skin disorders....I'm using them now on my son and helped improved his skin and clearing up the dark spots....I also use them especially on my face which suffered millions of chicken pox rashes when I was 5 month pregnant with my son. What more, my daughter who is only 10 y/o is suffering from early onstage of pimples all over her face, I use the Mud Soap everyday and the Mineral-Rich Mud Mask on her 1x/week...pimples were dried after first use of the mud mask and everyday cleansing with the mud soap. Her dermatologist approved Seacret just last week when we went to see him. I really wanted to share this so that your kids will not suffer like mine and will save you a whole lot of fortune from buying and trying products after products and will save you time in visiting the doc! I will just put my website here so that you can have access of the Seacret Direct products, you can read the ingredients and watch the videos on each product that we have. I hope all of you moms out there will just try Seacret. Here's my website, www.seacretdirect.com/promisejoycortez or please email me swtpaige1004@yahoo.com. God bless and keep me posted once you use it!

Moody - posted on 01/14/2013




Hi, my son had it on face, starting around 3-4 mos and it actually made his skin discolored around the mouth/nose, which I didn't know it could do. I tried aquafor, cetaphil, but honestly his pediatrician gave me a topical cream that cleared it up. We used it for like a week, and he said his skin color would even out in about 2-3 months, and it did. I do use cetaphil on his body, aquaphor was too greasy for me.

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