9months old baby not sleeping

Hanna - posted on 12/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 9months old boy is not sleeping well through the night, he gets up every 30mins through the whole night, just concerned whether something is wrong or is it just a phase his going through, I do another to kids which I had no problems with sleeping???? Please heeellllp


Ariana - posted on 12/24/2013




I think 9 months is the age they say it's okay to start sleep training. I know some parents just can't do that but it is actually very effective.

If you feel something is wrong take him to the doctor to double check but otherwise you may need to just not continue going to him.

What happens if you let him cry it out? I would commit to letting him cry it out for two weeks.

The method my friend used was to let them cry it out, and to go in,then wait two minutes, go back in to show them you're there but aren't going to pick them up. If they're still crying after 25 minutes pick them up and console them. It worked with his daughter.

My other friend just let her son cry it out, she would tell him good night and then leave him in the crib and just not go back in. Apparently he cried a lot the first couple nights and then settled down. He was a year and a half though not 9 months so that might not be the best method.

I would say it's just a phase. I could never let my son cry for very long but I also had him sleeping in my bed so it was never a problem. I was an overly worried first-time mother though so I wouldn't tell other people not to let them cry it out. Every family is different. Try one of the solutions that feels best for you.

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