a 7 yr old that sucks her first 2 fingers and a 5 yr old that sucks her thumb help!


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Marilyn - posted on 06/23/2014




My youngest isn't as bad as my oldest... They both have a "dodo" blanket its a 100% a comfort thing or a over tired thing.. I tried talking to them both saying that big girls don't do that anymore, that their friends don't put there fingers in their mouth, telling them to hide there hands under there dodo and cuddling with the dodo along the side of their face, the nail polish thing that has the bad taste that didn't work.. Pulling their fingers out every time , showing them picture of bacteria that's around us and telling them that they put that in their mouth when they do that... Telling them about their teeth that it would damage there beautiful teeth if they keep doing that... Nothing still :(

Milagros - posted on 06/23/2014




this is certainly a problem I think it's more of pattern syndrome which is otherwise imitation , monkey see monkey do most likely 96% of time children as they grow they imitate things they see others do,just like say or repeat what they hear,thats why the developing stages for children are crucial what have you tried?

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