a father for the second time in a short periode heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

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hi every body before to start i want to say sorry for my bad english

my name is hamza n i came from denmark,i´m married now for more than 1 years n i met my wife about 4 years ago

me and my wife we had the up n the down on our relationships but ever since we got our first baby she changed 180deg with me ,i feel tht im not intresting anymore for her ,but even while she was pregnant the first time i had a realy horrible times however i realy tried my best (cleaning,cooking....)but no she doesnt see all what i´m doing ,but she keep saying that i dont help her .

int he other side sometimes she come to me and saying sorry ,after we got our baby the first 3 months its her who wake up the night until we decide that i take him 2 nights a weeks and not long time ago we change the plan and we start taking him from 20 to 04 and than the other one from 04 to 07 and even sometime i dont sleep the night just to take him the whole night but again the only things i hear is me i never shared responsability with her

now our baby is 7months old ,but the problem is we find out that she´s pregnant again but with twins and that they are 18 weeks (wasn´t planned )

so me now im sooooooooo scared cuz she already start again with the hormones staff ,but me i´m realy tired psychologically and physically

plzzzzzzzzzz i need your help what to do i´m loosing my self i dont feel good about my self cuz i keep being patient without any results and holding all my problem inside cuz i cannot talk to her without she get angry n ennoyed :(

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