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I am William Dunn. I know this is a circle of Moms, But what better place to post so I can get a understanding.

It all started when in like 2000 or 2001 my ex wife ( we may still be married, I never filed for a divorce) didn't get her way and she called the cops saying I hit her. For which i did not(but everyone says that). She dropped charges but the state picked them back up. so I was being prosecuted by the state and was also being defended by the state. ( not a good combo). My lawyer was late to court, judge waited for him. When he showed up he asked how I plead. I told him not guilty. (just need to point out that i was in jail 16 days never once spoke to anyone or met him) He said I would sit in jail till my next court date which could have been a long time, BUT if i say guilty i would be out that same day and only get probation. So, Since i was like 20 or so I said guilty.

2001 I was in a bad car accident(as a passenger) and went through a car windshield on our anniversary which she was out of town anyway. Woke up in hospital, blah blah..

In November 2001 I started truck driving school so i could provide better for my family. in the beginning of 2002 My ex took our 2 children to child service while I was on the road and said she didn't want to take care of them. She then called me up on a friday night and said I had to be in court Monday morning to make sure they didn't go into the system and go to foster care.

I was not able to be there cause my work(truck drivers have to abide by certain driving laws) so I told her to call her parents and tell them what she done. She would not, so I had to call and ask them to come down from the state they lived in to get temporary custody.

Now by october of 2002 she refused to tell me where my kids where and kept threatening me saying she was going to call cops, (because she wanted me to stay with her and get the kids together) I didn't want to be with her cause she threw my kids away like trash. so i moved far away fro m her so she could say i hit her and have me arrested again falsely.

I have not seen my children nor heard from them since beginning of 2002. During this time though she got pregnant again and had another daughter of mne in november 2002.

I had been searching for them when i found her email adresses she deletes accounts.

recently i found them , but since Her family is Rich and I am not, I have no rights apparently. I sent out over 30 messages to different people (friends and family,church members) that i found out they know, not one single response, not even F-off, or sorry you have wrong person, NOTHING. I called her work where her name is on the voice recording, no reponse, she closed her facebook again, took down her work webpage that had her work number, work email, and her picture.

I love my babies, I have been tryng to be apart of my childrens life, they have hid them all these years, I finally have hard evidence where they live now, and no one will help. They moved to kentucky, and kentucky law is it is Illegal to have outside help(meaning anyone from out of state) not to mention the specific county they moved to the Judge is strict and will only allow people who are license in his county be there.. ( i verified this through attorneys.). So, I call attorneys in that county and after they get my name and their names , they say they are unable to take my case.

What does a Father do when He WANTS to be in His childs LIFE and he is being Prevented of His right.

William Dunn

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