A few daycare questions.

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I'm enrolling my son in daycare for two days a week. When he starts he will be 19 months. I just have a couple random questions about that.

He will be going Thursday and Friday and depending on my work schedule, I would need to have him there by either 6:40 or 7:40. He normally sleeps until 8 AM. So since I will have to be waking him up earlier, will he wake up early everyday from then on? I don't know if I can handle working 4 days in a row, then waking up that early on my three "days off." (I'll be working weekends also.) So I was just curious as to whether he will want to go to bed earlier on those days and if he will wake up early everyday from then on.

Also, when he wakes up I usually give him a banana then an hour later make his breakfast. So if I have to leave my house at like 6:10, I would have to wake him up at 5:30?? And make him breakfast right away, will that throw him off the rest of the days? Like will I have to make him breakfast right away on the 3 days I'm home with him or should a banana be fine until then? I'm sorry if these are somewhat stupid questions. But we basically just got into a good sleep routine, and starting the middle of June it will be disrupted. If I do get him up at 5:30, then he'll want to go to bed even before I'm home making dinner. I'm afraid he'll fall asleep in the car on the way home.


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The new routine will be an adjustment for all of you and it will take time to adjust. How long? Well that's part of the trial & error of a new routine. So yes, expect meltdowns and tantrums. It's normal. But the nice thing is that kids are so adaptable to change as long as it's a consistent change. The daycare will feed your child-it's just a matter of do you provide the meal, or do they? Ask the daycare for a schedule of the daily routine: meal time, play time, playground time, nap time, lunch, etc. It will help yo udevelop your routine when you pick up your child. Best of luck!

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I know they do 2 snacks and lunch, but I will have to ask about breakfast. I'm just so worried his sleeping schedule will change. If I am waking him up at 5:30 for those 2 days, I sure as heck don't want to get up at 5:30 everyday! It will be hard enough for me to get up to go to work, luckily my husband gets up at 5 and can drag me out of bed. I'm hoping that if I keep him up until at least 7, which I kind of have to, because now dinner will be pushed back, then on the three days he is home with me, he will at least sleep until 7. I'm so not looking forward to going back to losing sleep. IDK now if the money is really worth the lost sleep.

Thanks for all your opinions and help!

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You are going to want to keep his schedule as close everyday as you can. I will let my 19 month old sleep in no more than 45min - 1 hr. on our days off. If you can with breakfast, give him his banana as usual, but let daycare feed him his full breakfast. If you do that, maby you can let him sleep a little longer in the mornings. When my son was just starting cereal, I used to get him up at like 6 am so I could give him cereal and his bottle. Then I began to let daycare feed him breakfast, (that is part of their job in my opinion) so he got to sleep almost an hour longer in the mornings. Hope this helps your questions a little.

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I agree with Krista. Also, he will likely want to go to bed earlier at night on the days he has to be up really early which could cause him to want to get up earlier the next day even if he doesn't have to be up early. He may not depending on how much he naps during the day though.

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It's really hard to say HOW your kid will adjust to that schedule. Some kids can get up early two days, and then sleep in until their "normal" hour the other 5 days.

There's really no way to know how he'll adjust until you actually start. And things probably will be quite unsettled for awhile, but you'll figure out a new routine, and will eventually settle into that.

Would the daycare give him his breakfast, so that you can give him a banana to start and then he can eat his breakfast once he's at daycare? That might be something to ask. Plus, it'll save you a bit of time, because if you have to leave the house at 6:10, and you're getting up at 5:30, that's a tight schedule.

And yeah, he might doze in the car on the way home. Mine does. You just wake him up when you get home, soothe any crankiness, and continue on with your normal evening routine.

It'll come...it'll just take some time for you to get the kinks worked out.

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