a little bit confused.....is my 12 week old eating 6 oz or 7 oz.? i put 6 0z water...but after i add powder it says 7 oz..so is my baby getting 6 oz or 7 oz?

Michelle - posted on 11/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




is my 12 weeking eating 6 oz or 7 oz? I put 6 oz water ...but after I add powder it says 7 oz...so is he drinking 7oz?


Enna - posted on 11/01/2013




Well, any time you add something to water you're going to increase the volume. Most of it will dissolve, but it is still going to increase how much is in there. There are also going to be air bubbles in it, so it might be foamy, which will make it look like more.
For the purposes of keeping track of how much you're feeding him though, you want to go by the amount of water you put in it. If you let it sit for awhile before you give it to him the level should go down as the rest of the formula dissolves and the air bubbles come out.

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