A miracle for Nathan

Tabbetha - posted on 03/25/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son Nathan has been battling Toe Walking since he was 6-12 months old. He is about to embark on a huge journey and I am terrified for him. He is finally getting surgery, in hopes that it will correct the toe walking (heel cord lengthening). I worry that maybe this is not the right choice, I know the doctor said that this was the only option, but he also said that it is risky. The doctor said that Nathan may not walk again after surgery if his body does not respond well. There is a huge chance that if corrected that this monster will show up again in a couple of years and we will be back at square one. I am his mother and I should know what the right choice is, but no matter how I look at it, no choice is the right choice. If we do nothing he is left in the wheelchair with a low quality of life and if we proceed with surgery he could have more medical problems as a result of surgery.

He is my miracle, I was not supposed to be able to have children and here he is. He is an amazing 7 year old little boy who has been through so much in his short life. He is Autistic, this will be his second surgery, possibly will need another one in November 2014. He smiles through it all and makes me strong when I'm not. That's my job...lol...to make him strong. If this was the right choice why do I feel like I am about to harm my child....


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Amber - posted on 03/25/2014




God is with you at all times......my five yearvold had svt so he had to have heart surgery most scariest decision i ever had to make...but you have to to whats best for him god will see YOU through.........embrace him love him and be thankful

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