A new step mom here of a 5 year old!

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I have only been a step mom for 10 months to a 5 year old girl and I've never been happier. Quick background.... I'm 41 no kids of my own and her mother is pretty much non-existent in her life (court ordered) Now, we adore each other and she calls me mommy. Love it! But she went from being daddy's girl to more mine and asks me the 1001 questions. She also seems to test me to see if I'm going to yell at her like her mother always did and I won't snap, I walk away and shut myself in my bedroom or look to him. And if I go to the store or run an errand alone she has severe anxiety issues. Is all or any of this normal? Her teacher says she's one of her best, so no issues there, but at home she's completely defiant to read especially without one of us helping her. We have to pay attention to her. She had to dance or walk in front of us all the time to get our attention, good or negative, especially when we are watching tv. She won't sit still. She always seems to be looking for approval. I don't understand the dependent need. Any helpful suggestions?!


Jodi - posted on 10/21/2013




Well, her mother practically abandoned her. Of course she is after attention. It will take her time to regain her sense of security. Quite honestly, the majority of her behaviour sounds pretty normal for a 5 year old girl. 1001 questions is normal. Testing you is normal. Dancing around wanting attention is pretty normal. Not sitting still is pretty normal. I won't say the extreme anxiety is normal, but it is understandable at this point. Just keep doing what you are doing, and her confidence will grow.

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